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"FUSE-ON" Urban Large

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Made from 10mm (0.4ins) high-density foam padding and non PVC backed water resistant rip-stop material, the Urban Large "Fuse-on" bag can be attached to the base area of the Urban Guitar bag, or to the front of the larger Urban Brass & Woodwind bags. This bag is ideal for brass & woodwind musicians who need extra space to carry mutes, as the padding helps keep everything well protected. The same applies to guitarists who need additional space to carry leads, microphones or foot pedals to a gig. In addition, the Large "Fuse-on" bags have a rear concealed zipped compartment with a removable padded sleeve, which holds a 15" laptop. The bag is also large enough to carry spare clothing to a gig.


  • Internal dimensions
    Height: 450mm /17.7ins
    Width: 270mm / 10.63ins
    Depth: 80mm / 3.15ins
  • External dimensions
    Height: 480mm / 18.9ins
    Width: 300mm / 11.81ins
    Depth: 120mm / 4.72ins
  • Weight
    0.9kg / 1.98 lbs
  • Padding
    10mm (0.4ins) high density foam padding for all round protection
  • Outer material
    Jacquard hard wearing, non PVC backed water resistant polyester material
    Ripstop material
    Fashionable piping
    No visible webbing
  • Inner material
    Soft satin nylon
  • Pockets
    Main accessory compartment with zipped netted pouches
    One outer organiser pocket
  • Zips
    Rubber zip pulls 
    Inverted zips for slick appearance
  • Carry system
    Ergonomic adjustable backpack straps with chest strap
    Rear compartment to store backpack straps when not in use
    Rear concealed zipped compartment with inner sleeve to store 15" laptop
  • Handles
    Chunky padded and riveted carry handle 
  • Fuse-on
    The Large "Fuse-on" bag can be attached to the base area of the Urban Guitar bag and to the front of the Urban Brass/Woodwind bags
  • Reflective materials
    Commuter friendly reflective panels, segment piping and print
  • Base
    Hard wearing PVC free rubberised base
  • Branding
    Screen printed reflective Fusion branding
    Rubber logos & Union Jack rubber badge
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